Credit: Unsplash, Michelle Tsang

Local Food

Local Food

Almeria was declared the Gastronomic capital of Spain in 2019. Freshly caught wild seafood and locally-produced wines and vegetables are just some of the food perks you get living in Almeria.

Fruit and Vegetables

Often referred to as “the orchard of Europe”, the farms in Almeria cultivate some of the finest produce on the continent. Thanks to the superb climate there’s a long growing season, and the tomatoes, cucumbers and watermelons grown here are the most flavourful in Europe. 


Almerian cuisine is seafood-based and follows the Mediterranean tradition but has strong Arabic influences. Food markets are prevalent in this region, and the day’s catch is available at the harbour every morning for the early-rising gourmet.


Almeria is known as one of the best Spanish wine regions, and the countryside is awash with a diverse selection of wines and vineyards. Several of these vineyards are even open for the public, so you can truly immerse yourself in the culture of the best wines in Spain.

Olive Oil

Spanish olive oil is the best in the world, and it is available all over Almeria. Many olive farms offer tours, giving you the chance to find out where your olive oil comes from – from branch to bottle – and learn why the Spanish use it in everything: in food, on bread, in their hair, and even just straight drinking it for health benefits.

Almeria Restaurants

Restaurants have been a part of Spanish culture for centuries. In fact, Spain is home to some of the oldest surviving restaurants in the world. This means that in Almeria there’s restaurants and cafés on every corner, serving delicious tapas, tasty seafood and wonderful traditional dishes – as well as pizza, pasta, salads and burgers.

We are sure that many of you will love to explore the local gourmet scene once you live here. And maybe some of you are eager to start a restaurant/gourmet club where you can explore the Almerian gastronomy scene with other aficionados. Meanwhile, please ask our local staff for the latest restaurant tips.