Ina Svarød

For 30 years, Ina has been an executive and consultant in Norway’s foremost Marketing Agencies, most recently TRY. Now, she is turning her impressive brand knowledge and cutting-edge expertise in digital marketing towards bringing Ambera out into the world.

Ina has worked with prominent clients, such as Telenor, Telia, IKEA, and Pfizer, but her true passion lies in the real estate sector. Her experience working with Storebrand Eiendom, OBOS, and Block Watne give her invaluable insights into the future possibilities for Ambera.

Ina has many years’ experience working with international clients, across several agencies. Now she will work to bring her own project into the spotlight all over Europe.

Ambera is homes with a meaning, a purpose – whether that means a second home abroad, or a year-round home in your own country. I can’t wait to play my part in making life simpler for modern families, and enriching life for older, active people.

Ina Svarød