Activities at Ambera

In the coming years, we plan to build many Ambera communities all over Europe. They will vary in size and location, but the high quality of our facilities and shared areas will be something they all share in common.

As a resident in an Ambera community, you have access to a large Activity Centre and lots of on-site facilities. This is the heart of the Ambera concept, and most of the costs are covered by a monthly amenities fee. You will also have access to organised clubs and interest groups, which can be anything from tennis clubs and dance classes to hobby groups and language courses.

Keep active doing the things you love

At Ambera, it doesn’t matter whether your first love is art, nature, or tasting new and exciting flavours, every day gives you the opportunity to discover new hobbies and interests. The Ambera concept is based on building active, social communities by helping our residents organise clubs and activities based on their own skills and interests.

Whether you’re a jazz pianist looking for a band, or a budding author looking to discuss your ideas, Ambera makes it easy to pursue your interests, and make new friends who share those interests.

Sports tournaments, book clubs, and language courses aren’t just interesting – they are also a fantastic way to meet new people. Maybe you’ll meet someone who joins you for tennis once a week, or maybe you’ll make a lifelong friend. One thing is for certain – spending time following your interests will bring you into contact with people who like the same things you do.

Access to all shared facilities and activities is included in your membership, meaning you don’t need to think about the costs of exploring your passions – you can just follow your own impulses.

If this all sounds like a bit too much for you, don’t worry! It’s all optional. Our job is to create opportunities, so that there is always something interesting you can choose to be a part of – if you feel like it. How you spend your day is always completely up to you.

What kinds of groups and activities can I expect to find at Ambera?

Most activities are run by our Lifestyle Directors, with residents helping out. Our staff are extremely helpful, so almost anything is possible! Here is a selection of activities we know many of you are excited about:

  • Yoga
  • Golf
  • Handicrafts Courses
  • Oil Painting
  • Fitness Classes
  • Spanish Course
  • Dance Lessons
  • Mountain Biking
  • Choir Practice
  • Poker Club
  • Tennis Tournaments
  • Wine Tastings

This is just a small selection of activities that have been suggested. If your dream activity isn’t on this list, we will help you set it up and get started – it’s all part of being in an Ambera Community.

Freedom to Choose

Is life in an Ambera Community very busy? Will I get time to myself? Yes! Nobody will ever try to force you to do something you don’t want to do, but there will always be something interesting you can be a part of – if and when you feel like it.

Luxury you can afford

Ambera is not an exclusive offer for the wealthy, but a community where sharing facilities creates new opportunities for our residents – a place where everybody can afford a life of leisure.