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A New Kind of Community is Born

Ambera is a new all-year-living concept based on affordable homes, extensive shared facilities, community spirit, and an active lifestyle.

The story of Ambera began in 1995, when a young Jan Olav Frestad visited Sun City Lincoln Hills for the very first time. In America, retirement communities based on affordable homes, extensive shared facilities and social activity had been around for decades, but to a Norwegian like Jan Olav the concept was completely new.

Back home, he had watched as friends and relatives became isolated and bored when they retired. As he witnessed the direct opposite happening to the people in Sun City, a seed was planted in his mind: “What if my friends and I could spend our retirement like this? What if there was a community like this back in Europe?” The dream of Ambera was born.

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Inspired, Jan Olav returned to Norway and began his career as a real estate developer. Determined to build concepts that brought people together and encouraged positive change, the future Ambera founder built dozens of projects. With each new project, his conviction that how we live, can be improved by where we live, grew stronger.

The stories he heard from the residents in projects such as Doyén made his decision to pursue projects of social as well as financial value even easier.

Shared activity rooms had made it easy to stay active, they told him. Neighbours had become friends through shared interest groups. The result was communities of healthier, happier people.

It became clear that just like Americans in Sun City, us Europeans want to know the people around us – we want to be a part of a community and we want to spend our days doing something meaningful. And that becomes even more important when we retire.  

Jan Olav realised that the time had come. After 20 years of research, experience, and networking, he teamed up with international real estate experts Falko Müller-Tyl and Alejandro Crespo and began working on his biggest project yet.

After interviewing hundreds of people all over Europe about their idea of an ideal retirement, the Ambera concept was formed. Six months later, two years before the Desert Springs location was even revealed, an online community of over 5,000 people was supporting the project.

Today, 25 years after Jan Olav saw the happiness in the eyes of the people in Sun City, the Ambera team is finally preparing for sales of the first homes at Desert Springs, encouraged by the support from our family of more than 10,000 friends and followers across Europe.

A new kind of community is being born. We’re creating a positive, life-affirming alternative to isolated living. Join us on our journey! It has only just begun.

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