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The Ambera Lifestyle

Do you want to spend more time doing what you love? Would you like to meet people with similar interests? If so, Ambera is the lifestyle for you.

Meet new people while doing what you love

In an increasingly digital world, Ambera connects people across Europe by creating physical meeting places. Join interesting Lifestyle events and meet people who share your interests, or live the dream every day as a resident of our community in Spain.

Unforgettable experiences await!

This autumn, Ambera invites all our members to join us for a series of unforgettable trips and events. Have you found one that suits you?

How about a three-day motorcycle tour of the unique desert landscape of Almería with fellow Ambera Lifestyle Members?

Something a bit quieter, perhaps? Learn the secrets of watercolour painting alongside new friends, with the Mediterranean as your muse!

Fancy a bit of friendly competition? Join our three-day golf tournament at the PGA-approved Indiana Course at Desert Springs – bring a friend to compete with, or make new ones! Combine your stay with a tour of the local vineyards, or try scuba diving for the first time while you’re here!

See the complete list of planned Ambera Lifestyle Clubs, upcoming events here.

Live the dream every day!

This November, we’re launching our first community in Spain. Here you can live your life to the fullest in a social community where every day provides an opportunity to explore new interests and old passions.

Read on for a few quick facts about our unique community concept.


What can I expect from life in an Ambera community?

1. Your home is your property

Your house or apartment is yours, just like any other privately-owned home. Though we believe in sharing experiences with other people, Ambera is not a time-sharing project. Apartment prices will start at approximately €190,000.

2. An active and social lifestyle

Our community offers plenty of opportunities to explore your interests and meet other people who share those interests. Our residents will typically stay for large parts of the year, and will be looking for more than your typical vacation entertainment.

3. Recreation and social areas

Ambera homeowners have free access to a wide variety of shared facilities, like music rooms, fitness centres, tennis courts and computer workstations. Everything is included in the amenity fee, and located within walking distance.

4. Flat fee covers all community offerings

The monthly homeowner’s fee covers all clubs and activities such as yoga classes, language courses and choir practice, as well as community gardening services and basic external property maintenance. 

5. Helpful on-site staff

Our on-site staff can help you organise events, plan trips, rent a car, or even find someone who can help you brush up on your Spanish. 

6. Safe and secure from A-Z

Our partner DLA Piper is the largest law firm in the world and has offices in Spain and in your home country. They will help you with all legal questions and procedures connected to your future Ambera home. At Desert Springs, 24h security ensures your safety around the clock, at and our staff will help you find medical support if you should need it.

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What Makes Ambera Unique

Questions and Answers

Ambera is a new name for a new way of living that we are generating in the Ambera communities that we will build. The name works internationally and contains elements from “amber”, which has a warm gold-brown colour and is used as a gem in jewellery which is said to have healing effects – something which we think reflects Ambera’s vision.

There are two main principles that are important here: Scale, and community-run groups and activities.

By building large communities, we can split the costs for operations, shared facilities and activities, and other running expenses between many homes. This makes living in Ambera much cheaper per person than if we were to build smaller communities. We’ve visited over 100 such communities in America, where this principle works extremely well, and the community members love the lifestyle they can afford in such a setting.

In order to create an active and social community, we are going to employ what we call a ‘Lifestyle Director’. This person’s job is to make it fun and easy for our community members to join and create clubs and activities. We will help facilitate the activities, but our members will have the most control over how they are run. A retired journalist might start a writing class, a piano teacher might decide to lead the community orchestra, a hobby carpenter might teach a woodworking course, and so on. By making it easy to get started, we will create an encouraging culture where contributing your skills and talents makes life more fun for everyone.

Ambera is building homes where people live for longer periods of time, because residents and not visitors make a community. We believe this is necessary in order to establish an active and social community. Regular holiday homes are typically used or rented for only a few days or weeks throughout the year, and most owners/visitors are not interested in getting to know their neighbors or engage in the wider community during their stay. These types of communities transform into “ghost towns” in the off season – and we think there are enough of those already.

Ambera’s designs will reflect the fact that they are long-term homes. Typically, holiday homes have as many beds and bedrooms as possible, little (if any) storage space, and small, efficient living room areas. They’re little more than a place to sleep, and maybe have a guest over for a nightcap. Ambera’s homes are intended for year-round use, with plenty of storage options, spacious living areas, and functional spaces that will prove useful for longer stays. Our homes will be places to live.

As an owner

You get your own privately-owned house or apartment. It is yours (freehold) and can be sold, inherited, financed and used at your discretion. Terms and conditions for subletting, community-rules and snd so forth will be published in connection with sales start. Through Ambera’s low monthly community fee, you are granted free access to and use of shared common areas: First and foremost, an Activity Centre with more than where several rooms are dedicated to activities. The low monthly community fee covers external maintenance of all properties to maintain the high standard on the Ambera properties. Maintenance of all common infrastructure and gardening of all common areas are also included. Benefits of owning in Ambera Desert Springs are detailed here

As a member of Ambera Community

You get access to all of our upcoming European projects. You become a part of an active and social community. A Lifestyle Director is responsible for helping organise activities and reserve amenities that you need for your activities, free of charge. The Ambera team will broker benefit programs with relevant service providers such as airlines, health services, insurance companies, carpool services and other institutions for the mutual benefit of the Ambera Community.

Ambera Desert Springs – benefits

A reduced fee for use of sports facilities: Golf on the Desert Springs PGA-course, paddle tennis, tennis and exercise room. Pools are available at no extra expense. Access to the Club House. Desert Springs restaurants are open to all Ambera members. Through Ambera’s low monthly community fee, you are granted free access to and use of shared common areas – first and foremost, an Activity Centre with more than 1,000 sqm, where several rooms are dedicated to activities such as:
  • All-purpose rooms for workshops, games, painting, classes, yoga, etc. – or anything you want to do
  • Common rooms for mingling and just meeting your friends
  • Community Kitchen where you can invite friends to a gourmet dinner or cooking class
  • Music room for dancing, theatre group, or watching movies together
  • Cafe

Our goal is to make Ambera affordable for as many people as possible, not just the wealthiest. The price of buying a home and living in an Ambera community will depend on the land plots we purchase, and how large each project ends up being. Land close to the sea is more expensive than plots inland, and the more homes we can split the costs for the amenities between, the cheaper it becomes per household. 

Ambera at Desert Springs as our first project is located close to the sea, because many of our followers and future residents have told us that this is important to them. As such, the price level of our first project might be a bit higher than some of our future projects. Please, refer to our home sales section for concrete prices, which will be available in autumn of 2020.