Our Lifestyle Directors

Our Lifestyle Directors

Ambera offers a wide range of activities, and organising them is more than a full-time job. This is where the Lifestyle Director comes in. They are responsible for helping plan and run all activities that happen both within and away from our Ambera communities.

Who are they?

Our Lifestyle Directors are the heart of Ambera. Hand-picked, they are all helpful, positive, and skilled at what they do. They maintain a calendar of all events, and help everyone who lives in an Ambera community organise and plan fun-filled, exciting days – all you have to do is decide whether or not to join in.

What does a Lifestyle Director do?

In an Ambera community, it is important that everyone has a voice. The Lifestyle Director’s job is to take the time to listen to everyone’s suggestions, and turn this valuable input into new ideas for activities and events – everything from ideas for day trips and holidays to new dance classes and social gatherings. The Lifestyle Director often works closely with the local community to create a network of resources to meet everyone’s needs.

Check out our Lifestyle Clubs and Activities

All Ambera residents have access to a wide array of shared facilities, including a music room, fitness suite, tennis courts, golf course, and work spaces with dedicated workstations. Most of these facilities are nearby, and covered by your monthly amenities fee.