Activities and Social Life

Activities and Social Life

Join a group or start your own!

Stay active, contribute to your community, and meet like-minded people by simply doing what you love to do. Whether you are an avid sculptor or a hiking enthusiast, every day provides an opportunity to explore your passion.

When we dream of fleeing the cold and dark of the Northern European winter, most of us dream of white sandy beaches and charming little restaurants.  Food and relaxation are great, but after a few (fantastic) lazy days at the beach, most of us will find ourselves looking around and thinking – what else is there to do around here?

Ambera’s all-year-living concept is based on affordable homes, extensive shared facilities, community spirit, and an active lifestyle. We build strong, friendly communities by helping our residents to organise groups and activities based on their individual interests.

Whether you’re a jazz pianist looking for a band, or a recreational fiction writer looking for other writers, Ambera makes it easy to pursue your passions and meet other people who share your interests. 

To start a new activity, you can simply talk to one of our on-site Lifestyle Directors. Our staff will then book an appropriate space for your activity and invite people to join you.  You can also use the Ambera App to browse and join groups and events created by others. 

Not only are volleyball tournaments, book clubs, Spanish classes, and hikes fun – they are also great opportunities to meet new people. Maybe you’ll just meet someone for tennis once a week, or maybe you’ll start a friendship that will last for a lifetime. One thing that’s for certain is that by attending the activities you are interested in, you’ll automatically meet like-minded people, and those are good to have around.

Access to all community amenities and activities are included in your monthly amenities fee, meaning you won’t have to take money into account when planning your day. 

If you feel this all sounds a bit much – don’t worry! It’s all optional. What we do is create opportunities so that there’s always something interesting you can choose to be a part of when you feel like it. How you spend your days is alwayscompletely up to you.

What kind of groups and activities can I expect to find in Ambera?

Most activities are run by our community members and our staff are very helpful, so practically everything is possible. Here are some of the activities we know many of you look forward to:

  • Yoga Class

  • Woodworking

  • Oil Painting

  • Spanish Class

  • Dance Lessons

  • Mountain Biking

  • Choir Practice

  • Poker Night

  • Tennis Tournament

  • Wine Tasting

This is just a selection of the many activities you, our community, have told us you want. Remember if it’s not on the list, you can create it! 

Just like events and activities, clubs and special interest groups are mostly run by members of the community. Here are some of the many ideas you’ve suggested on our Facebook page:

  • Dog Club. A group for dog owners.

  • Book Circle. A group for people who love to read and discuss books.

  • The Springsteens. A Bruce Springsteen tribute band with weekly band practice.

  • History Buffs. A group for people who are interested in history.

  • Art Club. Art lovers meet up to practice, discuss and enjoy art.

  • Ambera YNWA. Fans of Liverpool FC get together to watch football.

  • Green Fingers. A group for people who love gardening.

  • Jack and Jacks. A group who combine whiskey tastings with poker.

  • Mindfulness Club. A group of people who meet to meditate and talk mindfulness.

  • Way over par. A club for relaxed Sunday golfing.

What would you like to do with your time at Ambera? Please share your ideas with the community by joining our Facebook group!