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Our inspiration: Social and sustainable in Orlando

Since we are developing the first Active Community in Europe, we want to start with some of the best elements we have seen in the US, and leave behind the not-so-great elements. To do this, we take inspiration from as many places as possible. For our series on projects that inspired us, I’d like to talk about Trilogy Orlando, which is one of the communities we were most impressed by.

When visiting Trilogy, we were impressed by two main elements. First was their unique activity centre, which combines all their indoor and outdoor activities into one building complex, and creates a fantastic place to socialise, meet new people, and make friends wen engaging in activities.

Second was the wide range of environmentally friendly solutions that Trilogy included in their homes – water-saving features, solar roofs, good insulation against heat, efficient energy systems, and so on.

As such, these are some of the solutions we will integrate in our buildings when developing Ambera. We want to set an example for all of Europe in how to incorporate elements from all three categories of sustainability in our homes and communities – social, environmental, and economic sustainability.

Head over to Tirlogy’s website for a taste of how they do things over in Orlando.

Kind regards,

Falko Müller-Tyl,

CEO and co-founder of Ambera

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