Our Projects

Our Projects

Ambera is working on many exciting developments all over Europe. Some of our projects are destination communities targeted towards older, active people, where Ambera can offer a more fulfilling day-to-day life. Other projects will target multiple generations – modern families with children, and active older people in a single, purpose-built community.

Common to all of our communities is our goal of creating places where social unity is a priority. Private homes with access to communal spaces and amenities, and organised activities bringing people together. Our mantra is “Homes with a Community – Choose your Future”. We provide the community – you choose how big a part you want to play.

Because we dare to think big, we can use economy of scale to bring down the costs of building and running this kind of community, which means lower costs for our residents. Better yet, it means that we can offer a wider range of facilities and activities, especially if residents choose to contribute. Hand-picked Lifestyle Directors help to organise interest groups and clubs, so you just have to worry about showing up.

New and Upcoming Projects


Ambera at Desert Springs is located on a beautiful plateau above the Almanzora River in Southeast Spain, just 5 minutes from the Mediterranean.