Välkommen till Ambera-livsstilen!

Gå med i vår sociala gemenskap och träffa nya människor genom att göra det du gillar!

    “Alla jämlika här, det spelar ingen roll om du har mycket eller lite pengar, alla har tillgång till allt.”
    Bradley Wahrendorf, gemenskapsboende i USA
    “Jag rekommenderar den här livsstilen till alla.”
    Bosatt i The Villages
    “Det är helt enkelt en fantastisk plats att vara på.”
    Linda Peavy, Husägare i The Villages
    “Pensionen handlar inte bara om hur du spenderar dina pengar, det handlar lika mycket om hur du tillbringar din tid.”
    Mary Beth Franklyn, Journalist och pensionsexpert
    “Det är lätt att lära känna folk här. Alla kommer hit med en önskan att träffa nya vänner.”
    Vicki Johnston, gemenskapsboende i USA
    “Vi föll för den här platsens hjärta och själ. Man får verkligen mycket hus för pengarna.”
    Wayne South, husägare i Desert Springs, Spanien

Frågor och svar

Our goal is to make Ambera affordable for as many people as possible, not just the wealthiest. The price of buying a home and living in an Ambera community will depend on the land plots we purchase, and how large each project ends up being. Land close to the sea is more expensive than plots inland, and the more homes we can split the costs for the amenities between, the cheaper it becomes per household. 

Ambera at Desert Springs as our first project is located close to the sea, because many of our followers and future residents have told us that this is important to them. As such, the price level of our first project might be a bit higher than some of our future projects. Please, refer to our home sales section for concrete prices, which will be available in autumn of 2020.

For those who prefer to rent a home, Ambera will also be offering long-term rental homes. Just like the house prices, the rent will be determined by the size and location of the community.

The monthly community fee – which covers activities, property maintenance, and common areas – can sometimes be as low as $150 per household in US projects. We are aiming for a similar price level in Ambera at Desert Springs and future projects. Please subscribe to our newsletter for more information and go to our Facebook page for frequent updates on our progress.

This is perhaps our favourite question. We want to build a community that you, our future residents, want to live in. In order to do this, we need to ask for your opinion. We created a discussion group you can reach via our Facebook page. The purpose of this group is for people from different countries to come together (just like they will at every Ambera project) and talk about what we want to get out of our lives in Ambera. We also hope that – as a side-effect of helping create Ambera – our future residents will get to know each other before they even move in.

Are you also looking forward to moving into an Ambera home? Please join the group: “Ambera- discussion and inspiration” and share your thoughts and opinions with the rest of us!

There are two main principles that are important here: Scale, and community-run groups and activities.

By building large communities, we can split the costs for operations, shared facilities and activities, and other running expenses between many homes. This makes living in Ambera much cheaper per person than if we were to build smaller communities. We’ve visited over 100 such communities in America, where this principle works extremely well, and the community members love the lifestyle they can afford in such a setting.

In order to create an active and social community, we are going to employ what we call a ‘Lifestyle Director’. This person’s job is to make it fun and easy for our community members to join and create clubs and activities. We will help facilitate the activities, but our members will have the most control over how they are run. A retired journalist might start a writing class, a piano teacher might decide to lead the community orchestra, a hobby carpenter might teach a woodworking course, and so on. By making it easy to get started, we will create an encouraging culture where contributing your skills and talents makes life more fun for everyone.

Ambera’s first project will be built as an extension of Desert Springs Golf Resort and Spa – an already-existing 400-unit project in Almeria, Spain – with an award-winning golf course, a restaurant, and various  sports and recreational facilities. 

Ambera is also in discussions with various landowners in Spain and other European countries about potential future communities. We hope to create some projects near larger cities all over Europe. For these projects we’d extend our concept to include both active adults (our current target group) and younger families with children. We feel these groups have different needs which complement each other. Families with children need to maintain work/life balance, get their kids to school/kindergarten, get them to their leisure activities (and enjoy a few of their own), and often find there aren’t enough hours in the day. Conversely, active adults without dependents usually have more time available, and gain satisfaction from being able to engage in the community and help each other out. Our eventual goal is to organise our communities in such a way that we can “match up” these two groups through a joint activity centre and organisation platform. If we can meet everyone’s needs, it’s a win-win scenario for everyone involved.

En weekend i Ambera

Kom på besök i Desert Springs

Kom och upplev sol,  innehållsrika dagar och ett smakprov av livet i Ambera. Varning: det är lätt att bli beroende!

Bokningar börjar hösten 2020.