Jan Olav Frestad

Jan Olav Frestad

Jan Olav is an enthusiastic Norwegian real estate developer with more than twenty years of experience, and a particular passion for conceptual projects that bring people together.

Jan Olav received his college degree in economics from California State University, and it was during his years in the United States that he learned about the concept of active adult communities. During a visit to Sun City Lincoln Hills (aDel Webb project) in 1995, he was fascinated by the happiness among the residents there and realised how designing communities for social interaction can have a huge impact on the lives of its residents.

Since returning to Norway in 1995, Jan Olav has created numerous projects that manifest the idea that how you live can be defined by where you live. With projects like Sanderstølen, Mycube and Doyén, Jan Olav has proven that his conceptual and all-encompassing approach to real estate development can help defeat loneliness and empower people to make positive changes to their lifestyles.


The project “60 degrees north” turned a struggling Norwegian hotel into 159 affordable apartments with free access to hotel facilities and services. Today, Sanderstølen is bustling with activity and the offering has been extended to include hundreds of newly built cabins.

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As families move further away from relatives, neighbours are often the most important source of support for families with children. Mycube is a concept built to accommodate the needs of the modern family and make hectic everyday life easier to manage. 

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For many people, life after 50 comes with a feeling of isolation and loneliness. Doyén is a friendly, inclusive and affordable housing concept where owning an apartment gives access to a variety of shared facilities and activities.

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“People don’t want to just sit at home by themselves when they retire, they want to do something meaningful with their lives! Ambera allows people to be a part of a community, and to spend their days doing what they love. That’s why this is my dream project.”

Jan Olav Frestad, Founder

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