Falko Müller-Tyl

CEO and co-founder
Falko Müller-Tyl

Falko has more twenty years of international experience from real estate development, innovation, architecture and private equity finance. He has been a part of many innovative projects and is especially interested in sustainability and user satisfaction.

After finishing his doctoral degree on innovation management from the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration, he has been working on projects all over Europe, among them Menara Beach, an exclusive residential project in Marbella, consisting of 105 luxury apartments for holiday-or all-year living.

After moving to Norway with his family in 2013, he worked as a project director at the world-renowned architect firm Snøhetta for three years, where his responsibility was to foster successful collaboration between architects and builders.

Falko is committed to creating real estate projects with environmental, social and economic sustainability in mind. There is a clear hands-on approach in everything he does, and he is an expert at creating the conditions needed to achieve the desired result in every project. One of the prerequisites for this is that he is “native” in both architect- and business language, and his ability to translate from one discipline to another makes him an invaluable asset in large real estate projects.

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“Ambera’s focus on creating an arena for an active and meaningful life with lots of social interaction makes it so unique – and we are building the physical environment that enables this concept. The entire community is designed to alleviate obligations and empower people to do what’s important to them – to have many choices and experience a meaningful life. Being able to do that at a price that many people can afford is truly exceptional. I am really proud of being a part of the founding team that will realise Ambera’s vision.”

Falko Müller-Tyl, co-founder

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