Resident stories from the miniature Ambera in Norway


During a visit to Sun City Lincoln Hills in 1995, Ambera founder Jan Olav Frestad realized how designing communities for social interaction can have a huge impact on the lives of its residents.

After returning to Norway, Jan Olav has created numerous projects that manifest the idea that how you live can be defined by where you live. A project especially close to his heart is Doyén. Doyén is a friendly, including and affordable housing concept where owning an apartment gives access to a variety of shared facilities and activities. A miniature Ambera, if you will.

Since the first people moved in to Doyén back in 2010, the concept has become a huge success and it has grown to include four different projects.

An old school turned into 43 individual apartments. Photo:

Doyén Eidsvoll

Just a nine-minute train ride from Oslo Airport is Doyén Eidsvoll; a beautiful old school turned into an entire community of active adults. The project consists of 43 two-bedroom apartments spread across four floors. All apartments have large and sunny balconies, with a beautiful view of the green surroundings.

But it’s not the property itself that has made this place popular, it’s the lifestyle. Because all residents have access to the extensive shared facilities and activity groups, you never have to be alone if you don’t want to. And with less to clean and maintain, people have more time to do what they enjoy.

Doyén Eidsvoll residents enjoy access to shared facilities such as:

  • Fitness, spa and wellness area

  • Guest rooms, activity room and hobby room

  • Lounge, kitchen and dining room

  • Activity groups

  • Maintenance and additional services

With costs split among 43 property owners you don't have to be rich to have a spa in your house. Photo:

Doyén Drammen

Right in the heart of the city lies Doyén Drammen; 84 apartments spread across six buildings and with 500 m2 of shared facilities including manned service offices, spa and fitness area, dining rooms, guest rooms and hobby rooms.

84 apartments in the heart of Drammen. Photo:
The large but cozy and lounge is available to all residents. The best part? The staff handles the vacuuming.

The construction Doyén Drammen was recently completed and approximately than 80% of the apartments have been sold as of today.

Doyén Asker will be built in classic architectonic style to blend in with the beautiful area around Drengsrud Mansion.

Doyén Asker

In the immensely attractive Asker area, 45 minutes from central Oslo, Doyén is planning to build 150 elegant apartments ranging from 50 to 150m2. Access to underground parking facilities will be available by elevator directly from the apartments, and all residents will have access to extensive shared facilities and activities for active adults.

Green and calm surroundings makes Asker a perfect place for Doyén. Photo:

The surrounding area is green and calm despite its central location. There are plenty of walking trails, and even a lake suitable for swimming in the summer. All of this makes Doyén Asker a unique place to live, but experience has taught us that the reason people will love living here, is community. There will be a large building in the centre of the community, dedicated to catering to the wants and needs of the residents.

Here, they share everything from fitness rooms and guest houses to activity rooms and an indoor swimming pool, making it a natural setting to meet other people whenever you feel like socializing. Activities and groups are organized by the staff, and residents can participate as much or as little as they want.

Doyén Rælingen combines modern architecture and small town charm a mere 25-minute drive from Oslo Central Station.

Doyén Rælingen

A mere 26-minute drive from Oslo Central Station, a beautiful project is being developed in the new town centre in Fjerdingby, Rælingen. Here, you’ll soon find 60-80 apartments in different shapes and sizes with extensive shared facilities such as fitness room and dining room, and beautiful hiking and skiing trails right on your doorstep.

Doyén Rælingen residents will have no shortage of outdoors activities to choose from. Photo:

The convenience of a central location with supermarkets and restaurants, combined with the great outdoors in the immediate vicinity makes Rælingen a perfect place for our next Doyén project.